How Much Can I Borrow?

Please use the calculator to help you work out how much you can borrow for a mortgage based on your income.

Taking out a joint mortgage may increase the amount you can borrow, so please enter the income of both potential borrowers if you feel that this is how you are likely to apply. The calculator will provide you with an approximation of how much you may be able to borrow but please remember this amount will vary from lender to lender and will also depend on things like your monthly credit commitments. You will also need to be comfortable with the payments, both in the short and over the longer term.

About your potential borrowing

Calculating exactly how much you can borrow depends on a number of things, such as:

  • The amount of deposit you have
  • How much you spend each month on regular commitments, such as loan repayments
  • Whether you’re paid a basic salary, a basic salary plus bonus, commission or overtime
  • Whether you’re self employed or a contractor
  • Your age and whether you are looking to borrow beyond your retirement date

One of the most important factors in determining how much you can borrow is the lender. Each lender has different lending criteria. We will take as much time as necessary to understand your circumstances and then match you with the right lender in relation to your borrowing requirements.

What if I need to borrow more?

Sometimes it can be possible to borrow more than the calculator on our website shows you and that’s where our expertise comes in. We are sometimes able to arrange higher borrowing as a result of matching you to particular lenders who may look more favourably on your particular circumstances.


* All potential borrowing is subject to affordability checks and credit status