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Rothamsted Financial Services Ltd will cater for all your mortgage needs, without charging you a fee regardless of the complexity of your situation. Whatever your circumstances we will help, whether you are employed or retired. We rely on our in depth and extensive knowledge of the mortgage market to ensure we place your mortgage with the appropriate lender for your specific needs, circumstances and preferences. We provide specialised advice for the growing self-employed and professional contractor market, where potential mortgage lenders often have quite different criteria for assessing clients’ income.

Our support for clients goes beyond mortgages. We will assist our clients in securing the insurance they require, specific to their circumstances. We also work closely with accountants, pensions and investment specialists who are able to advise our clients in relation to these aspects of their financial planning.

As a company, Rothamsted Financial Services is highly committed to supporting, financially, the local communities in which our clients are based. Please see our Schools page to see how you will be able to give significant support to your local community if you chose to use our services.




Rothamsted Financial Services will provide you with fee free mortgage advice. We will be paid commission by the lender for arranging the mortgage on your behalf. Given the range of lenders and large number mortgage products on the market, it can be challenging for anyone to identify the mortgage product that is right for their circumstances.  We pride ourselves in providing ethical mortgage advice which will help you secure the mortgage product which is right for you. Our expert knowledge of the mortgage market will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective lender for your circumstances.


Rothamsted Financial Services are able to help you insure what is important to you, amongst which may be your personal possessions or your income in the event of illness. We will be able to meet your personal insurance needs or your professional insurance needs. We can help you with all the insurances related to your mortgage: Buildings and Contents; Life; Critical Illness; Income Protection; Mortgage Payment Protection. The specialist insurances that we can assist with are: Keyman; Shareholder Protection; Relevant Life Insurance. As with the advice we will provide you in relation to mortgages, our insurance advice is also fee free.

Self Employed & Contractors

Rothamsted Financial Services are specialists in helping the self-employed and professional contractors, in fields such as IT and business consultancy, secure mortgages and manage their financial affairs. Lenders will calculate your income, as someone who is self-employed or a professional contractor, quite differently. Our expert knowledge of the self-employed and professional contractor mortgage market will help you find the most suitable and cost-effective lender for your circumstances. As part of our service, we are also able to refer you to financial advisers and accountants who specialise in addressing the pension, investment and accountancy needs of the self-employed or professional contractors. This way, we expect to be able to support you in developing a coherent financial plan, which is bespoke to your circumstances.

Mortgage deals may not be available and lending is subject to individual circumstances.

Pensions, Investments and Accountancy

Whether you are planning to invest money to provide an income or to support your retirement planning, investment can be a daunting process. In the case of self-employed and professional contractors, planning how to invest business profits is an additional challenge. Professional contractors and the self-employed also have particular accountancy needs. Completing a tax return, for example, can be a time consuming process. As part of our service to you, we are able to refer you to financial advisers and accountants who specialise in addressing the pension, investment and accountancy needs of our clients. They will help you to make decisions that best suit your circumstances and aspirations for the future.


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate accountancy services and taxation advice.


We pride ourselves on the high level of personal care that our clients receive. We will take the time to really understand your circumstances and tailor our advice to meet your needs.


As well as looking after your mortgage arrangements we also provide life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection, unemployment protection and buildings & contents insurance.

We are able to refer you to financial advisers and accountancy firms, with whom we are partnered, in order to assist you in accessing a range of financial services.